Dead Baby Found In The Flat Of Satanist Art Gallery Owner in Paris, France

By letsdothis

British Film maker CHRIS EVERARD has been investigating the trafficking of human baby parts by various cults and black magic covens.

Two of the film producers of the BUM FIGHT tv series have been accused of trafficking human baby parts, human skin and a stabbed adult human heart.

The producers attempted to ship three DHL consignments to various addresses in the USA.

The grisly DHL consignments were discovered in Bangkok, Thailand. The DHL parcels are said to have contained a baby’s skull, a sheet of skin and baby’s feet sealed in bags and boxed for shipping, according to CNN News on Nov. 16.

The Hampstead Children claimed that a British Police Officer called ‘Sarah’ with ‘red rosy cheeks’ was a member of the Hampstead cult. The children said that there was a massive cover-up… The Police were, they alleged, protecting the cult. The children named the courier “DHL’ specifically in their video testimonial.

Some reports said there was an adult human heart in one of the DHL boxes which had been addressed to Las Vegas– a stabbed heart can only mean one thing – this was a MURDER – it also has connotations to BLACK MAGIC SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICE.

According to Thai police one of the boxes contained pieces of HUMAN skin.

Yet again, this confirms what the Hampstead children alleged – they said that cult members removed sheets of skin from the slain babies, and this skin was used to adorn ritual shoes, rather like HUMAN LEATHER.

Back in 2012, we see yet more signs of an international Satanic Cult shipping babies – this time the premature babies had been ROASTED.

In 2012 Thai authorities announced that a British citizen was arrested for trying to ship six roasted foetuses covered in gold leaf…

In some Thai cults, preserved foetuses are believed to give the owners good fortune or protection from evil.

The British citizen was arrested after a tip-off that infant bodies were being sold through a website offering black magic service.

The man did indeed confess to police that he was part of a SATANIC CULT who medically removed the unborn children, sacrificed them, covered them in gold leaf and shipped them worldwide to Black Magic cults. Black magic incantations were said over the body, as the unborn baby died.

Clearly the roasting of babies, the online international trade, the large sums of money being paid by cult members for dead babies and the Oriental connection ALL CORROBORATE THE TESTIMONIES GIVEN TO POLICE by the children of Ella Draper.

Is this French case a further proof that Satanists acquire foetuses and baby remains in order to use them for rituals?

A few weeks ago, in November 2018, firefighters found two foetuses preserved in formalin-filled jars, a mummified infant and the cadaver of a piglet in the apartment of a 35-year-old art gallery owner and tattoo artist, in Reuilly Diderot, XIIth district in Paris (France).

The flat was also decorated with Satanic and sado-maso paraphernalia. They also found a tattooed arm under a glass bell hung on to a wall, and a series of 40 slides depicting autopsy scenes.

They were not able to locate the man. The name of the art gallery was not mentioned in police reports.

His ex-partner had called the police because she hadn’t been able to contact him for a while. According to her, he has problems with substance abuse. A source said that he has a history of mental health problems.

The human remains were brought to a forensic institute (IML) for examination. The Public Attorney’s Office was informed.

Police said they would consider all possibilities regarding the provenience of the human remains, and didn’t rule out that they might have been obtained from a medical museum collection.

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