If you want your readers to denounce charlatans, then they’ll have to denounce your pal Aeltri to the Medical Board. After all, she pretends to be a doctor when she just a failed artist. What you are doing with Chantrelle is considered harassment. But sure, it’s the antis that are the problem. Fucking hell Patty, can’t you see how fucked up you are?


How is it harassment? Am I calling her, emailing, texting, or writing her? No. I’m just sharing the info I was given by someone IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY, who was concerned about some of her claims and wanted to check her credentials. And we both know that Aeltri isn’t pretending to be a doctor, unlike Ms. Manners, who apparently IS pretending to be a certified nutritionist. Last time I checked, that could be considered fraud.

Yeah, the Skeptic who did that bit of research is a Medblr as in medical professional, it wasn’t me. Unlike Miss Manners or the Queen of Fraud herself, SoFail, I’ve never claimed to be something I’m not. If y’all can’t handle being called out on your nonstop lies that’s too damn bad. One more thing, don’t you dare whine about ‘harassment’. Gator and myself have been putting up with that BS for years simply for telling it like it is!

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