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So, one of our Medical professional skeptics contacted one of the UK nutriotionist registries, asking about Chantelle Manners’ qualifications, given their concern about some of Ms. Manners claims (ie “diet can cure autism”, etc.). I have copy and pasted the response below. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a joke or not made up information. I have not redacted whole names (only surnames), as it is all public information. However, I beg everyone, especially those lurking from “the other side”, please do not harass these people in this organization. They are actual professionals and have nothing to do with the sham. If you want to contact Ms Manners, requesting proof of her credentials? Knock yourself out. But please use discretion and good judgment.

Thank you for your enquiry.

AfN holds the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists and our registrants are qualified and experienced in nutrition science and able to call themselves Registered Nutritionists and use the post-nominal RNutr. There is also a Registered Associate Nutritionist category (ANutr) which is the graduate category. I can confirm that there is no-one with the name Chantelle Manners on our Register.

There is no statutory protection of the title Nutritionist in the UK and Ms Manners does not appear to be claiming to be registered with us or any of the other regulators in the sector, and therefore I would not be able to challenge her in any way.

There is statutory protection of title for dietitians in the UK (regulated by the HCPC) but as she is not claiming to be a dietitian, I do not think that they would be able to intervene either. Unfortunately it is up to members of the public to check the qualifications and registration of someone claiming to be a nutritionist and they should expect them to be registered with a relevant body so that they know that they are qualified and subject to standards of conduct etc. Treatment of illness via nutrition should be carried out by a dietitian and/or in consultation with a GP or other medical practitioner.

This individual is most likely to be registered as a nutritional therapist, who are regulated by the FNTP or CNHC or GRCCT, but she does not seem to be claiming to be registered with them either, so I would recommend that anyone wanting to use her services should check very carefully what her qualifications are and ask which professional body she is registered with.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Registration Manager

Association for Nutrition

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London, W1B 1LY

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