✨👼 angel numbers 👼✨


the meanings behind those synchronistic #’s you keep seeing!! the universe loves to fuck us up with it’s numerical messages. 💝

1111, 111, 11:11 – a reminder that you create your own reality so be aware of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions. you’re on the path of manifesting your truest self and beginning a spiritual awakening! make a wish bitch! 

2222, 222, 2:22 – miracles are coming your way, seek balance, prepare for a fresh beginning. something you’ve been wanting is about to manifest, make sure it’s really what you want! you might also be manifesting a soulmate or twin flame at this time. 

3333, 333, 3:33 –  reconnect your mind body and spirit. you are being protected by the universe/ your guides/your angels/whatever you believe in. use your gifts/talents & focus your purpose. the ascended masters are with you. make a fucking decision. 

4444, 444, 4:44 – honor your body. you may have just met someone who’s a part of your soul family. you are being fully supported in your journey, you’re going through a spiritual ascension, listen to your intuition, trust in the process, your at harmony w/ the universe!

5555, 555, 5:55 – remember that your life has worth and significance. prepare for major change! trust your choices and make them for the right reason. be open & stay positive. 

6666, 666 – be conscious of the ripple affect your words & actions create, realign them with the universe. dream big babe & transform your life through positive thinking. this is a wakeup call to check your attitude! 

7777, 777 – you’re becoming your best self! congratulation, you’re also flowing in perfect harmony with the universe. if you’ve been reading a lot about spirituality, now is the time to put all that info to use. live a spiritual life!

8888, 888 – giving giving giving and receiving x10! you have knowledge and talents to share. find your greatest sense of purpose through giving the universe will reward you! your mindset of abundance is manifesting opportunities!

9999, 999 – closure & release. you need to let go of something in order to invite abundance into your life. justice is coming to help your ass. if you’ve had an ex on your mind, leave them behind and let karma do it’s shit! also, embrace who you are and abandon any superficial labels. 

1010, 10:10 – shit is working out in your highest good & you’re moving towards a new life path. a spiritual awakening is bringing you closer to the divine. take action towards the success you desire, your goals are being supported. 

1212, 12:12 – your dreams are being manifested right now! your wish has been received, all you have to do is stay positive. remember that your thoughts have power. you’re in the middle of a spiritual awakening! 

1234, 12:34 – the releasing of physical, spiritual, or emotional baggage! the universe is decluttering your life to give you spiritual clarity. you’re being lead to your soul purpose! you are a part of something greater now. 

reblog w/ your favorite angel number(s) and what they mean to you. I love hearing synchronicity stories! 💖💖💖

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