You know we constantly hear around this time of year (hey that rhymed) that the evil conniving Christians stole Saturnalia from the pagans and converted it into Christmas. 

Well here’s some news for you: Saturnalia was the Roman holiday of honoring the god Saturn….who was firstly the Greek god Cronus. So if you want to bring up “So and so stole x,y, and z from whatever group of people” you’re going to have to be consistent. Because Rome just went ahead and nabbed the entire damn pantheon from the Greeks

Also it was the Romans who killed Jesus and the Romans who killed Christians for about 3 centuries because they wouldn’t convert to their religion, so God forbid Christmas is placed at about the same time as a pagan holiday. 

Also the holidays don’t conflict, so celebrate all of them if you must

Saturnalia: December 17th – 23rd.

Christmas: December 25th.

Yule: This year it falls on December 21st.


Kwanzaa: December 26th – January 1.
Hanukkah: December 6th. – December 14th.

Happy fucking holidays

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