Anon Please


So BC got easy sex from RJG courtesy of Harvey and apparently, his idiot self was sloppy af with the prophylactics so she turned up bun in oven and was like you’re gonna be a daddy! And he believed her (Whyy tf you don’t use condoms?!) But it wasn’t actually Benedict’s bun because the dates were off. So he maybe went to Harvey? And Harvey was like oh shit my Oscar race! I gotta save face. So Harvey threw Second (or 3rd lol) String Sophie at Ben like duck and cover for this rogue Rosie ho. Who got sent back to the ho farm where she could have her non-cumber-bun in obscurity while Sophie stole her limelight and her pregnancy plot. And executed it as horrendously as humanly possible. Benedict gets thinner and thinner. While her baby belly gets bigger, and smaller, and gigantic, and then nebulous and then she shows up whippet thin right after giving “birth”. She does this again. He looks more and more haggard. Years pass. Literal. Years! Go by! Bye! And both of these women have been competing with each other. But both bitches are ultimately all about that money and after all this time have decided to join forces and double team him into the fucking ground (And yes I do mean an early grave). Is that everything?


Not my post BTW, poster forgot to go Anon on her Submit and asked me to correct that.

Reminder, we haven’t forgotten about any of you hoes or your pimps. You know who you are…

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