FM? Illuminati?! Do you read your own stuff? You’re an absolute nutter with a mental disorder or two. Seriously, go see a doctor before you also start dragging aliens into your inane posts, dumbass.


Did you see my actual post? Because if you did, you’d see that while I don’t agree with the whole op, I am concerned that he’s trying to make OTHERS happy and not himself.

More like he’s trying to pacify his enemies and that needs to stop. As for the OP? Talk about a non argument. How the fuck do you conflate FM with aliens? Because last I checked FM were A, human and B, pretty mainstream. I’m not saying all FM are corrupt, learn to read. What I am saying is that enough abuse the craft to give the entire organization a bad name. Some high-ranking FM are also members of the most depraved cults you can imagine. OTO is one such cult that’s been openly praised by many public figures. Why is that? Please, all of this is public knowledge not a figment of our imaginations. I don’t think you realize how stupid you look when you try to blot out the (black) sun with a finger…

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