Tech giants are deeply entrenched in The Great Deception of “Sustainable Urban Development” including facilities in and near Chicago.

By TrustTheTruth

Chicago (and Racine) lies at the core of the entire network. The many arms of the mafia, secret societies, NGOs, false religions, corporations, government agencies, and political parties are all engaged in secret, private, private-public, and public partnerships.

There are many levels and unlimited layers to their network. This is why those involved CAN NEVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE in the broken, corrupt, inept, and dysfunctional system they control.

The Truth is The Only Way.

Who else was part of The Young & The Guest events besides Alefantis, Caron Butler, and Mae Podesta? What do most of them do?

Who are Rahm Emanuels THREE siblings and what role do they each play?

Why did Chris Kutcher back out of the I-94 Project? What religion does he practice?

Why are Caron Butler and Mark Wahlberg such good friends? What religion are they?

Why did Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his running mate? What religion are they?

Who are the Sabbatean Frankists? What is Strangite and what are the Voree plates? Who are the Dutch Brotherhood and Sons of Norway? Who are the Dominicans? What is Kabbalah? What are Scientology and OTO? Who is the Sphinx Head? Who is Jack Parsons? Who is Tim Dolan? How are these and many other groups all connected?

What is the Global Interfaith Coalition? What is One World Religion?

How are Google and all of these companies part of The Real Agenda beyond 21 and 2030 of Eternal Enslavement with The Mark of the Beast enforced by 5G+ AI and Community Policing?

What is Hillary’s model for Community Policing? Where is it?

What is “THE DEAL” Trump made that he called “the 8th Wonder of the World” and “the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen”?

Who are the Pilgrims Society?

What is next to Google in Chicago?

What is it modeled after?

Who did Bill Clinton appoint to the President’s Council on Sustainability?

Who did Trump reserve a Front Row Seat for at “THE DEAL” and why?

Who are the wealthiest families in America?

Who are they partners with?

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