No “mental health professional” has said anything about Ben. Anonymous people on Tumblr fanblogs claiming to be mental health professionals (especially coming from a blog with a proven history of lying and sockpuppeting, and please don’t forget we have access to your LinkedIn account and CV) are not mental health professionals. Anyone can go online and lie. No legit MH professional would try to diagnose someone they’d never met.



Oh, they’ve said plenty about BC and we are talking licensed professionals with many years of experience but nice try. FYI those contacts didn’t diagnose SoFail, the ones who did were paid to do so and the party responsible only hires the best. You won’t find anything at the NHS BTW. Nothing personal, all business but that’s what happens when you step on too many toes and cost others millions in losses. I’d really hate to be in your shoes right now…


PS: I don’t have a sockpuppet blog and we don’t make things up either. All of our tea comes straight from inside sources. Call us whatever you want, it changes nothing. It’s a fact that SoFail’s a drug-addled escort with a bad rep who knew Uncle Harvey well. All Cluster Bs exhibit similar behavior patterns which is why I also brought up MegIT, Hungry Heard and St. Angie. I even dug up the latters psych history to prove my point! You really are dim.

What about all the MH professionals who diagnosed Trump?

Yeah, Team Soso is still in denial. It won’t change the facts, sucks to be them…

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