There is a connection between Scientology and Human Trafficking. Weinstein is a Scientologist. I never knew who he was until recently but I could have sworn I saw his face at a VIP party for CCHR several years ago. I also saw Michelle Stafford on the MOCA photos from that Spirit Cooking art fundraiser put on by Abramovic and she is someone I knew within Scientology when I was invited to lobby with CCHR (I was never a Scientologist and never wanted to be, I was just an anti-drug activist)…If Hollywood is PedoWood and Harvey Weinstein is considered “God” by the woman who loves Roman Polanski, then it follows that Harvey Weinstein is a high priest of the Scientology Pedophilia Entertainment industry…Michelle Stafford is a Scientologist and she was at the MOCA Auction with the spirit cooking theme, I have screenshots, but will have to find them. L Ron was a Satanist and believed himself The Beast. Parsons, Hubbard and some other people were all friends as you say.

Amy James

If true this would explain a lot of things…wow.


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