Not all that glitters is gold. Think twice before looking at someone’s material wealth before getting envious because that is all you can pay attention to. Would it be nice to have a little extra in the bank? Yes, it would. I know what it is like to go hungry and be stuck when something breaks and the repairs cost too much. It would be nice to never have to worry about that, but getting envious about what someone else has doesn’t help at all. It only attracts more of that mess the more you obsess over it. No one starts out on top. Even those born to certain privileges have to prove themselves at some point. To be honest, I don’t pay attention to celebrities. Never cared much for “the scene”. Glitz and glamor once in a while is fun, but it just isn’t a point of interest. Especially when surrounded by many superficial individuals who only have anything to do with you if it benefits them to do so. New experiences can be fun, but it isn’t everything. We all have our own cross to bear and many would self destruct if given what they thought they wanted.

I know many a reasonably wealthy person and they aren’t quite as happy as you would think. It took them a while to realize this, but money doesn’t buy happiness, genuine friends, genuine love, etc. It took things like 2008 market crash, loved ones passing away, cleaned out in divorce proceedings, and Lord knows what else to make them see that. Sense of contentment varies from person to person. How and when lessons are learned is not determined by others. Only the individuals the lesson pertains to and whether they actually learn or not can only be determined by them. Sometimes it takes them losing everything. I, personally, have had some things taken away as a result (my dream jobs: fashion designer and naval officer). Does it kill my soul when I think about it? Absolutely. That’s why I try not to and focus on things I haven’t tried yet. The thing about trying new things is that you might end up enjoying it. You’ll never know for sure if you like something or not until you actually try it for yourself.

Great post.   Well said.🙂❤️❤️

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