Terry Crews Speaks Out In Support Of Brendan Fraser







This is what I’m here for. Not only do we need men supporting women who come out about sexual abuse but we really need men supporting other men when they come forward about these stories. Like not only am I happy that Brendan came forward but I’m so proud of Terry for voicing his support of Brendan. This is huge.

Brendan Fraser was sexually assaulted!? What the fuck!

Back in 2003 he got sexually assaulted by the former president of the
Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  This was during the year “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” came out just to ruin that movie for everyone but nobody would listen to him.

Only last month he worked up the courage to try and contest and the HFPA just literally said “lmao it’s a prank bro get over it” which is pretty shitty to hear, so yes.

Yeah. Brendan deserves much better

It actually almost derailed his career, the effects were so devastating for him. Terry is the first celebrity I’ve seen even acknowledge or support him since he started telling his story, and really some of the only support I’ve seen in general. The fact that people still don’t know about Fraser’s story even now (he came out with it during the height of the me too movement last fall) shows that it was largely ignored/swept under because of his position as a victim, at least in the eyes of society and larger news publications.

Both of these gentlemen are class acts and I hope they both get the recognition and reconciliation/closure they deserve.

I read a story about an actress who had her career cut short under similar circumstances because SAG-AFTRA did squat.

Terry Crews Speaks Out In Support Of Brendan Fraser

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