The Sacrifice


Bohemian Grove 2018: It has been well over three decades since the membership attempted this. Three decades of wanting to do so but afraid of the authorities who were anxious to learn any details about the two previous times it has known to have happened. It was fitting that it happened in that special room with the initials to begin the name. The two organizers of the sacrifice are two of the very top officials of the organization that resembles that room name. They brought with them, a special guest. For one of the very few times ever, a woman was allowed inside the grounds. The foreign-born escorts are actually ensconced in a secure area that is not within the camp itself. The only sex workers allowed on the grounds itself are the young men. The special guest is A+ list in every sense of the word. All of you know who she is. She has also engaged in some of the most bizarre sex acts with each of the two men mentioned earlier. She has traveled the world with these men, separately and together, engaging in sex acts while pretending to be compassionate. Brutalizing young girls and women to fulfill whatever sick desires they have, knowing they do so with impunity because they are above all laws in those places. They control the law. They control the news. They control it all. The power has gone to their head. The A+ lister has always felt a connection with the event because it is one originally established for artists and still pays lip service to that original mandate. She brought two tweens with her. One male and one female. She began by drawing blood from herself and spreading it over her body before spreading it on the tweens. The tweens were then pricked with a needle and some of their blood was drawn which was then marked on all those who wanted to participate. Those who were chosen to participate then were allowed to explore the tweens how they wanted while our A+ lister encouraged them and participated herself. When every man had finished what they had started, two large men came into the room who had not been there previously and took the tweens away. Most people assume they were set aflame in the annual ritual. Some people think they were given as trophies to a member who has been a long time supporter and has a fondness for young boys and girls.

A+ List woman:  Angelina Jolie

Honestly though? She talked openly about SRA before so if this BI is about her it doesn’t surprise me. Some dude’s severed head was found close to her property…St. Angie’s weird in a bad way.

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