5 Effective and Realistic Tips That Will Help You Deal With Betrayal


We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives. Betrayal is a very serious trauma that can affect our brains negatively. How? Oxytocin is a chemical that stimulates feelings of trust and love. Betrayal breaks that trust, resulting in a low production of this chemical. Just how serious is this?  Some of the things one can go through after being betrayed include: acting out, social isolation, insomnia, rage, disappointment, a loss of self-esteem and issues dealing with trust and emotion. You may begin to withdraw from friends because of how badly you feel about the betrayal. You could even grieve the loss of friendship and the person who you thought they were may be dead to you. Or you could slip into a deep depression for a while if the betrayal hasn’t been dealt with accordingly.

We are usually betrayed by someone really close to us. This could be our mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, best friend or workmate. It hurts. There is no denying it. Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne details a study that shows how betrayal and lack of trust, due to a low level of oxytocin, can influence one who has been betrayed in an effort ease the pain or seek retribution. Betrayal can be really harmful to you. It can negatively affect all spheres of your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

1. Be Angry

There are many emotions one goes through when they find out that they have been betrayed. These range from anger to depression, hurt, and wanting to avenge oneself. Probably one of the most prominent emotions you will feel will be anger. Anger because they did something like this to you. You’re angry because …


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