“Then why did we only start to see the tweets from Joe when Zero joined the scene?”–Because that’s around the time Hart folded and he went independent. They went into liquidation in September of 2014. He focuses on BC on social medoa, I’d say, because he is his most famous client. Also, tbh the Mrs. Anon quote reads as if it’s about client service–he’s saying he doesn’t bang on about celeb clients when he is working w/ nonceleb clients. If Hart was splitting focus like that, bad business move.


I get what you’re saying. But I think it’s hard for some of us to be okay with him since he had no trouble styling Zero’s prosthetic.

I worked in marketing and I don’t think OP understands that everything has a limit. Baity Joe does what he does with BC because he can. He can because of what he knows about the ShamWow etc. and who he’s in league with. BC and other celebs lost money when SP folded. I also seem to recall that Joe was on good terms with Menzies and Miliband…

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