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“I agree about the karma part. I think he’s just a big old fraidy cat coward. He’s so terrified that the truth will come out once he ends things that’s he pretty much setting himself up to take a huge hit”

I don’t think he’s a coward. I think he doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s all. Take it from someone who’s read his astrology chart a little more in depth. 

Things should change for him around August 31, 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up off of this mess around late December 2018/early Jan 2019 in the press. Keep an eye out.

He does have an actual true love out there, that’s for sure. The question is where is she? Only God knows. I think she’ll show up when she’s meant to. Meanwhile, there’s trouble at home with Mother. Whether or not she’s ready to come up off of her lies is another story. 

Hang in there, guys. Keep hope up here, for his karmic journey. That’s when the truth will come to light, in the cosmos.

PS – Keep up the good work, Minerva. You are an excellent astrologer.

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