It’s not photoshopped. You’re really reaching. It’s blurry because 1) it’s taken with the front facing camera (because it’s a selfie) 2) they probably took the pic fast to avoid Ben noticing 3) this lady could have an older model phone. You’re going off a blown up portion of a blurry picture, of course it looks funny.


Really? Because it looks like Benedict has a CLAW not a hand. And that ain’t just because it’s blurry.

Try telling that to someone who studied CG at a University level:


Looks like someone didn’t get to merch again and threw a hissy fit. Did SoFail put on the medical boot so she’d elicit pity and/or wouldn’t be told to leave? Is PR going to claim a fake ‘injury’ as an excuse for her absence? God knows they’ve used enough props before, babies and plastic body parts included. Didn’t they learn the first time around? Do they think we’ve forgotten about the NT video in September of 2016 and the fuckery that followed? By-the-numbers, they are so stupid I swear…who is the lady off to the side, her agent?

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