Podesta, Clooney & Berlusconi

By rickman

That was my take on this blind that says the following:

“It is not so much the art purchases of this disgraced former power broker, but the location of all the purchases. Apparently, the vast majority were bought in one country and with each purchase came the use of very young females who were courtesy of the network started by the former leader of the country and enjoyed by everyone who had the money or favors to bestow upon him. Hollywood, of course, is involved in the debauchery all courtesy of that A+ list mostly movie actor who bought his way into dual citizenship in case anything untoward happens back home in the States.”

Tony Podesta fits disgraced former power broker with interests in Art and we know they enjoy Italy, he owns a restaurant there. Former Italian prime minister Berlusconi started a media company that owns several TV channels. Clooney has a home in Italy, as do many other celebs, plus one in England. I’ve no idea if he had dual citizenship though. Also, the description of very young females is different to the rumours we’ve heard about him.

Apparently, Clooney’s been appointed an honorary citizen by Laglio, the village in Italy where he lives. When the #metoo thing broke Clooney said something like he should have said something about Berlusconi’s parties and the age of some of the guests. He claims he was at one but left after a short whileThere’s also all those rumors about Clooney and his never-was-pregnant-wife using a surrogate to get those twins. Wonder whose they are? 

There have been whispers of Clooney and one picture taken at his villa of a young girl. It has also been rumored that he and Randi Gerber are a serious item accepted by many in Lake Como. Besides what other big star has the connections that he does? Remember a few years ago Berlusconi got in trouble with some young Middle Eastern girl I think was around 17. So yes, birds of a feather, you know the rest.

Podesta had a home in Venice where he hosted a lot of important people for parties. The other part of the story is that he would get perks in the form of young um companions when he bought certain art. We’ve said here all along at PG that art collecting is often a way to launder money, for example, the pimping of children. There was also the issue of Podesta hiding a lot of his purchases from his wife. In the context of the kind of perks he would get with these purchases, it puts another spin on things.

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