Gator, I used to call myself a skeptic. I’m not sure I can anymore. I don’t want to associate myself with what the skeptics have become. I haven’t change my position on the stuff with Benedict but the other things that have creeped in to the skeptic sites recently troubles me.

If some people follow other celebrities that’s fine and that’s their right. But the more conspiracies we talk about, the crazier the skeptics sound.

I do not believe in the Q Anon conspiracy and I believe it is a hoax perpetrated by the Russians to undermine the DNC. I have come to that opinion by reading a LOT of articles about it written from BOTH sides.

Part of the reason I was a skeptic was because we looked beyond the initial photos and articles. We did research. We had sources. We listened to more then our own opinion.

It seems that the skeptics have moved beyond that. When it comes to other conspiracies, it seems that we no longer need to research or show proof.

I can no longer be a skeptic in that respect. I think I will refer to myself with a new term. Perhaps a rationalist?

I still believe that Sophie and Benedict do not make sense together. They have, at times act with disdain towards one another. They have at times, ACTED happy but not genuinely and not until recently. They, when with children, do not appear to know how to behave with those children. Benedict claims to be with his children at all times, and at the same time, claims to be skyping with them. He appears to have no knowledge of how children are raised or the milestones in a child’s life.   Benedict has lost weight in conjunction with his claims of veganism, which does not appear to be healthy.

Things that I do not believe or have no proof of:



Child abduction/trafficking


Illegal drug use

Drug Trafficking

Sophie in some sort of mass conspiracy

Which ever wild Art/money laundering/NXIVM Crazy Conspiracy of the day that Sophie is supposed to be involved in

That Sophie is or was a high priced call girl/escort

Just because I don’t have proof of these things doesn’t mean they are true or that I wouldnt listen to proof that they weren’t. I just haven’t seen any proof that they are.

I am sending this to other skeptic blogs. I hope some choose to post it. Thank You.


You don’t have to believe anything you don’t want. But I’m not going to stop posting the things I believe or know about. Again, I don’t trust the Qanon stuff. But when it does correspond with what I already was told by my sources? I’m going to post about it. And whether you like it or not, human trafficking is very real.

LOL! Another one? Listen snowflake if you want G rated Skeptonan fluff? Then stick to annashipper’s blog, as we like to dive a lot deeper into the ShamWow and virtually everything else on our end. You have insiders and victims telling you about crazy cults, horrible abuse, corruption at all levels which has been an open secret for decades BTW. Go to other countries and this crap isn’t hidden as it is here. My BFF was born and bred in SoCal, she walked into a hotel on the strip to deliver a package for some private event and almost went blind. I’ll spare you the details because you can’t handle the raw truth. Then again you aren’t a Skeptic are you? Bai troll…

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