In this day and age people have the physical shape of a human being; nevertheless, they do not have the human shape in Hod, the emotional world. They express bestial emotions through their emotional center, they are slaves of fear, hatred, lust, and all of those animal emotions that they carry within and which they call human emotions, this is a wrong assertion. Self-esteem is not human, yet, to love our neighbor as we love our True Self. Observe the animal kingdom and you will see that any animal has those bestial attributes, namely, self-esteem, vanity, pride. In this moments, for instance, intellectual animals are fighting for supremacy on the whole planet: “This is my land, this is my country, this is my flag! And this is how I am,” they say. As animals of different species, people are identified with mediocracy. ¬†For instance, observe the canines or the cats in the jungle how they mark their territory by spraying. In the world of dreams, feces and urine are the symbols of money. Thus to be filthy rich means to be full of that. And as we see on TV, if other animals come next to their marked territory, they fight. Why? Because they are animals. That is instinctual, that is naturally animal. Are we, rational animals, superior to the irrational animals? Did we overcome our bestiality? No! We are still fighting, defending our marked territories, “Markets”. Let us see, for instance, right now, without going so far, somebody is promising to build a wall in order to separate Mexico from United States. Likewise, there are other threats in different countries of the world. Why? It is because we still are animals. Our present situation is really sad. But this is how we earthlings are. Most of us are still at the level of animal. Racism, prejudice, this is how this is called. If we do not annihilate that animality that we carry within, we will continue existing under different nonsensical laws, meaning, man-made laws in order to try to survive in this mess or this hell that we have created by ourselves, because indeed, this is a problem that we have created.


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