Bubba & Georgie


She is still technically married. Her “empire” is all but gone now. She thinks she can still bring it back to what it was before. I think everyone has their doubts, but she is going to try. One person she has enlisted is the A++ list family friend she frequently socialized with while with her husband. The A++ lister is married too but has made it clear over the years he would enjoy pursuing a relationship with her. Hey, if she closed her eyes with her husband, she can probably do the same here and so she has. She is using some of his money which is actually from friends doing him a favor and using his influence to get people to buy her product again. He is trying to help, but his leverage is not the same her husband enjoyed so things are definitely more difficult. She is hopeful and he certainly collects each week at least once what she promised in exchange. 

Georgina Chapman, wife of Harvey Weinstein 

“Empire”: Fashion label ‘Marchesa’

 A++ lister: Bill Clinton 

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