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Good evening Skippy, and my fellow friends! Thank you all very much for your kind words – I am glad to see so many of you understand my position and what I represent. I am a firm believer in the need for truth, transparency and honesty, and I hope my ability to share what I know with this community will hopefully influence your personal lives and the lives of those you love, and help them see through the nonsense and search for the truth and for the genuine story.

Thomas Markle not taking “payment” for his interview is not surprising. It would look crass if he appeared to be taking any sort of payment for it.

When I first started my job – way back when – I worked for a few years in two major PR agencies. One of my first jobs as a Junior was to come up with the Script Writing for one of my clients at one of their interviews to promote their film. I had to consult with the main staff who represented her, and I remember being incredibly nervous. As part of the image she was trying to project – someone who was always down to earth, always remembering her roots etc – we invited some of her ‘friends’ to come and speak. I wrote the script for them, they learnt the words, and they were asked to record it. It was very simple stuff – how kind she was/is, how much fun they had together, how she was like their sister. We didn’t pay them…

…not in cash anyway.

We bought each of them new cars. 

We couldn’t afford having her friends being seen to be paid for the interview. So we decided to give them cars as their payment.

Another experience, a few years later in a different firm, saw something similar happen. But instead, this was for a client who had died. We conducted a number of “tell-all” interviews, and we had someone from their past front it. He was already using a competing PR firm – he signed up to one once the client had died in a bid to make some money off of his death. It was a major coup for the team I was working in, and we signed a good contract with them. The interview was the first time I really noticed how manipulative good PR is. It’s so good you don’t even realise it – it’s almost narcissistic in its’ design. We didn’t pay the celebrity in cash.

We paid his PR team… who gifted him the cash later that year.

I – of course – do not know what Thomas will have been paid. He may have decided not to be paid, but I’m doubtful. He will have been given something. A new house in a few years? A new car? Monthly income for however long Meghan is in the Family? 

When something says “X was not paid for this” in interviews is our way of saying “X was not paid for this… in cash”. 

My firm refuses to do interviews that are not paid. If our clients or their friends want to do interviews, they will be paid and we will be honest. If not, and they don’t want the money, then we ask the interview host to pay cash – in the name of the interviewee – to a chosen charity. 

I hope this helps Skippy. Remember: I AM NOT AN INSIDER. Many thanks.

Thank you so much London!  You are so loved! Thank you for this info! Many questions about this!  Very interesting stuff indeed!  No, you are not an insider…you give insight!  We greatly appreciate it so much!  Thank you!🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

There you have it, scripted interviews. So much UTR comping too, yeesh…

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