CDAN Clue: Underage Prostitution At Shore Stops Of David Geffen’s Celebrity Cruises

By ReddittRefugee

So one of the most open secrets in Hollywood and the music industry is that David Geffen is a pedophile who has run with known pedos like Bryan Singer:

But like the Mafia Godfathers who isolate themselves from being caught for crime by always using underlings, Geffen stays outside of direct involvement in criminal activity, and acts aggressively to scrub media coverage that might cause trouble:

Another, less-known fact about David Geffen is that he puts on cruises with his ship-sized yacht that include dozens of A-list celebrities, including both of the Obamas. They travel from port to port, stopping at restaurants and hotels:

And now, CDAN is claiming to know that, while Geffen, in true Godfather style, allows no underage sex aboard his yacht, he has underlings arrange for it to happen at hotels on-shore:

No underage sex on board, but each stop in this cruise to nowhere organized by a billionaire you all know has plenty of opportunities. Pre and post dinner activities at small hotels completely rented out by the billionaire where you can pick and choose who you would like to be with. Both sexes and according to one local pimp the ages requested were from 12-19. No one above 19. Apparently, the celebrity females are just as into it as the celebrity males. The celebrity females almost exclusively want to be with other females. A reality star who was invited but turned down the invitation thinks its deranged and that someone will end up dead. She wants no part of it.

As usual, this is unconfirmed as of now, but people can keep their eyes open for more confirmation.

If true, this is a valuable lead on how elite pedophiles make this work without being involved directly enough to get arrested.

Are David Geffen’s underlings also recording some of these celebrities while they get it on with said underage kids? Presumably, some celebrities are waaay to sensitive to record, like the Obamas.

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