Oh, look. James Gunn’s former boss Lloyd Kaufman wants to join the Twitter pedo party… At the rate this is going, half of Hollywood will be in Gitmo soon.



#LloydKaufman PedoWood PedoVores #Adrenocrome

Lloyd Kaufman, who is also friends with sick-o James Gunn, who’s a big time hollyweird guy, likes to discuss drinking the blood and sacrificing, of small children. He also likes to pee on kids. He said he would suicide a child. This isn’t a joke folks, these people are serious. They’re Satanist and they rape, eat and torture children. This is most of hollyweird. This is what they’ve been hiding from us. This is why they’re pushing the peedofile agenda.


Better get their swimming gear ready! Not that there’ll be much left of them once the sharks arrive…

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