#5yrsago Edward Snowden hopes to leave Moscow airport this week, says his lawyer



Edward Snowden, the former US spy agency contractor who leaked
details of the NSA’s surveillance programs,  "hopes to be granted papers
by Wednesday" that would allow him to move from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo
airport to the city center, according to Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

Kucherena helped Snowden apply for asylum in Russia on July 16. Snowden
has been stuck in the airport “no-man’s-land” for a month now, and
believes it is not safe for him to attempt to travel to  Latin America
at this time because of efforts by the US government to forcibly bring
him home to face charges of espionage.


Where has he been living at the airport? Does he sleep on the baggage return and go ‘round and ‘round all night? Has he been eating at (no, I don’t want to know the Russian Equivalent of Subway) and drowning his sorrows with cheap vodka at the bar? Does he wander out of customs and is constantly having his passport restamped? Inquiring spies want to know.

LOL! It’s almost like a RL version of ‘The Terminal’, but in reverse:

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