I’m sure Disney is watching your account so can you please post this? James Gunn was a hit job by the right to take out a vocal Trump hater. Most likely target next would be Scott Derrickson and C.G. Cargill from Strange because they are vocal Anti-Trumpers. The three are called the 3 musketeers by the right& they want them gone because they get retweeted & listened to by the fandom, which is large. Disney won’t rehire James Gunn without massive support but maybe with some help those 2 can stay.




I am sure Disney knows more about what’s going on than we do. But dude, did you see the shit Gunn was posting? Even if he was joking, it was bad. Bad enough taste to get fired. You just don’t say that kind of thing. And I really hope he was just joking.

Let me guess? JG was rabidly pro-Killary like HW, look at what happened to the latter. He shouldn’t have Tweeted that sick crap in the first place!

British Fight + QAnon have everything. Remember the Patriot Act allowed the Govt to collect all communication traffic.

Those with something to hide scream the loudest.

You mean squeal, like the pigs they are…

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