Isnt the SoHo house man Nick Jones ?


yes, Nick Jones is the founder, Ron Burkle, Richard Caring

Nick Jones (Soho House founder and previous managing director) sold 80% of the club to British high-street tycoon Richard Caring in 2008.[5] On 13 January 2012 the Financial Times announced that 60% of Soho House Group had been acquired by the US billionaire Ron Burkle, through his investment fund Yucaipa for approx. £250m, with founder Nick Jones retaining 10% and Richard Caring (Caprice Holdings) 30%, however, in September 2015 the company’s high leverage and limited free cashflow was under scrutiny by fixed income investors.[6][2][7] However, company profit potential has been affected by growth in new clubs.[8

Look in my archives about Nick Johnston, there is a Soho connection with land deals. Markle was pushing for a house there.

Nicholas Johnston, of the Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire, said a road through a neighbouring industrial estate was a right of way.

But the High Court backed the industrial estate’s bid to ban vehicles using it to access Great Tew.

Judge Paul Matthews said Mr Johnston had been “making things up as he went along” in the case.

The landowner was giving evidence last year at the High Court in Bristol in a dispute over his right to use the road through the Enstone industrial estate to his Oxfordshire estate, at the heart of which is the luxury Soho Farmhouse hotel and members club.

Trying to get Soho members to buy property there.

Thank you anon 

It’s Nick Jones bitch 😂!

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