Let’s clarify first for the antis that read your blog, THIS IS A SUBMIT!! Since they can’t seem to tell the difference. They also have the funny idea that they are experts in everything at the same time declaiming us for declaring the same thing. The above is the current guidelines for Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome. They are upset that someone stated that a vegan diet is not the best choice for a person for EDS.  They quoted one article, which was actually a PDF presentation, not even a website link. First, no one knows if Ben is EDS but he seems to match a majority of the symptoms, at least the ones that are able to be seen. Their other argument is that he couldn’t have done Frankenstein with Hypermobility. I recall him complaining about his joints hurting constantly during the run. As to a Vegan diet with Hypermobility? There are no exact regulations but EDS causes several vitamin deficiencies, many of which can be corrected with diet or supplements. Your body is able to process a steak or chicken or fish better then a supplement. More of the vitamin or mineral will stay in your system and you need less to stay health. Most EDS people I know are recommended to use the Keto diet, South Beach, Zone or Atkins. But if they had bothered to search past the first search result, they might have known that. It they had not been #ableist, they would have realized that not everyone with a disability is confined to a wheelchair and not everyone with a disease looks like they have one. Disability comes in shades of grey not black and white. But then again the nannies have never been known for their ability to recognize subtleties.


Again, this is an anon Submit. For the record.

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