Do you know how lucky you are Benedict hasn’t taken out a restraining order against you? One of these days, your luck will run out and you’ll lose everything. Break tie with Aeltrileaf, delete your blog, and go see a shrink before it’s too late. You threatening Ben, his wife and his kids is not normal or healthy behavior. Think of your grandson, do you want him to visit you in jail?


How am I threatening anyone? I’m commenting and sharing my opinion…nothing else. If you don’t like what it, don’t read it. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever been closer than a few hundred miles from him, so why would he need a restraining order? None of what you’re saying makes any sense. In fact, maybe you should seek the professional help?

All threats to BC’s safety come from people like HW, SoFail and their pals you idiot, don’t get it twisted. There is no loyalty in that business, even former allies are expendable once they outlive their usefulness. HW is finding that out the hard way and SH is far, far lower on the totem pole. Of course, career characteropaths hate being called out but the proof of their wrongdoings is in the public domain. Pimping kids out, trading in human beings etc.? Is as low as it gets and the kind of shit that can get you put away for life. Think about the laundry list of felonies that SoFail’s committed before you talk about jail, OK? You don’t get to censor Skeptics because they say uncomfortable truths on their own blogs now GTFO.

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