Shoe Drop

A big shoe dropped yesterday. A very big shoe. It is the kind of show drop that might bring the entire house of cards tumbling down. I know for sure it will bring the killer of this former A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a now defunct hit network show closer to justice. The shoe drop yesterday was one of the names our actor had. He didn’t get to give his testimony but he did drop the name and it sent a lot of shock waves. Apparently the name that went down yesterday was protecting and sending information to that foreign born business person who had previously been convicted of the same type thing. Because of his position, the name who got dropped yesterday was able to provide cover and the networks that could be used for all this child porn. Everyone assumed they were safe because of what he did. Now, it turns out things weren’t as safe and that those secret messaging apps, are not really that secret. If I am this A lister who is already in hiding, I am going deep into hiding because that is one very big loose end that would be much easier to deal with if dead. If that happened, and the mogul had some big distance, he has enough power and enough secrets, he might escape unscathed, at least publicly. That would be a tragedy, but I don’t know who would take him down.

Shoe: Joshua Schulte (German for shoe = “Schuh”) (former CIA analyst with the encrypted child porn files)
Former A-/B+ list actor: Mark Salling (“Glee”)
Foreign born business person: Julian Assange (“WikiLeaks”)
A lister in hiding: Kevin Spacey
Mogul: David Geffen


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