“I’m from the UK and I’ve just found something massive, connecting the English aristocracy to pedophile rings.

First of all, the Walls Ice Cream logo has already been exposed. You should know that Walls was famously acquired by the Lever Brothers in the early part of the last century before they merged with Dutch counterparts to form Unilever.

William Hesketh Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (19 September 1851 – 7 May 1925) was an English industrialist, philanthropist, and politician. But the Hesketh family are best known for their later role in James Hunt’s successful Formula One motor racing campaign in the 1970s, where they ran Hunt’s team (Hesketh Racing). They also married into the Guinness family at some point.

Now, here is something massive. Violet Hesketh, who is around 26 now, was actually found commenting on the Instagram post of ray.chandler under ‘poplinlondon’, Lucy Guinness is there as well.

Ray married Tom Guinness in 2013. She now officially goes by the name Rachel Chandler-Guinness. Tom himself is a fashion model who has spent a lot of time in NYC. I note that one of his associates on Instagram is Sarah Snyder, a very young looking 21-year-old model (she looks about 14) who was the girlfriend of Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s ‘son.’ And we have heard all of those stories about Will Smith’s weird relationship with his son.

What we’re dealing with, is quite different from the public conception of it. They want us to think it’s your elderly (male) next door neighbour and you should be paranoid about him. But a lot of these monsters are women, even young women under 30, from the aristocratic circles. This is completely sick.”

IIRC didn’t KB also brag about being acquainted with NH and JR? Nasty, incestuous lot…

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