After reading Rose McGowan’s book, Brave: Look, the woman has a *lot* of great things to say about sexism and toxic masculinity in Hollywood. I can’t dispute much of what she says here. The problem is: she just says so much crazy shit as well.


Yes, Perez Hilton is a misogynist creep. She’s right to call him out.  

But that doesn’t mean *all* gay men are misogynist creeps. Which is an idea she seems to have never quite let go of.

No, but many do have a nasty streak and given the discrimination their own community has faced they should know better. One of my BFFs was harassed by gay guys on multiple occasions. Apparently the fact that she was a black woman and they were white and well-off made it OK. It got so bad that she had to take one of them to court…

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