Are Narcissists predictable?

By Bassel Chibani

A fool repeats the same mistake without learning.

All narcs follow the same agenda.

Now I can read them like an open book and they do not surprise me at all, and you know what? They are not funny at all.

Now I can see their love bombs from miles away, actually, I can love bomb even better. All that it takes is to copy the target, learn about his/her needs, stroke his/her ego, mirror him/her, and occupy his/her time 24/7.


It’s like watching a bad low budget movie that will keep looping forever.

Back when they fooled us, we were oblivious. We were inside the system and accepted our role as abused victims or willing participants. The cunning and deceiving bullshit of the narc makes it hard to detect or spot at first.

That naivete is gone now, the game is over.

How you know how predictable they are :

Read this carefully, the narc knows one trick only. The narc will go back to his/her old circles that he/she’s been stuck in since childhood. This is the only way to get attention and he/she’s stupid enough to keep on using the same old techniques. The only variable is us.

Maybe life was hard on him/her but personally, I don’t give a fuck about that because life’s hard for most everybody else and experience showed that my abuser was an overindulgent parasite. I was born and raised in a shelter as a result of civil war…

“Goodness and wickedness are embedded within us and it’s our choice to choose one over the other.”

I know every single word my abuser will say to her new source of supply. It’ll be the same old, then she will devalue him and worse…

“Perform good deeds for a good person and you will own his/her heart, perform good deeds for a wicked person and he/she will betray you.”

Love bomb, devalue, discard. The eternal cycle.

It’s predictable, stable, tested and reliable and it almost always works for them, so why should they change it? And they get away with it! From 1 to 10 how predictable are they? Try a 12!

Why they are predictable?

Since they cannot process feelings as a normal human should they never reciprocate genuine affection. Narcs will never appreciate real love and will always look for intense emotionsIntensity can be amazing but it fades, dies, vanishes. A blind and foolish soul cannot differentiate between intimacy and intensity, this is why narcs are doomed and trapped by this cycle forever. 

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