Did anyone every find anything about the rumors between Ben and Bridgette Sorenson?




Who’s Brigitte Sorensen? And what rumors?

I know BS worked with MG and TH so that’s not far-fetched but regardless BC was single ATT. He had FWB and dated casually OTDL, so why is this being brought up now? Right after SoFail accused him of carrying on with ER too…please. I don’t think SoFail would like it if people knew that she was hooking up with married men like Conrad Shawcross, Tom Edmunds, Tony O’Driscoll etc. while being ‘married’ herself…

Cough. And I bet there are a few more…”johns” included.

There’s also Gambles, Euan Rellie, Harvey Weinstein himself…I wonder if she knows Matthew Rycroft?

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