FACT CHECK: Was George Soros an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II?


Now I see why I got those dumbass comments last time I said Soros was a nazi, it was someone parroting snopes propaganda. This is why Snopes is garbage propaganda. They say this is false and their proof that it is false is.

1.) He was young at the time. 

Motherfucker this is a man clever enough to buy and sell world economies. He’s single handedly destroyed nations with nothing but his financial and investment savy. Just because you as a teenager can’t mop a floor doesn’t mean one of the richest and most powerful men in the world is as incompetent at that age. they further throw a smokebomb by saying he was nine at the start of the the war…which is not when he was said to have helped the nazis. This is like saying Hitler couldn’t have been involved in world war 2 because he was elected in 1933 and the war didn’t start until 1939. I guess that makes sense if you’re a fucking retard.

2.) They try to confuse you by saying he was not a member of the SS which is demonstrably true…but not what is being claimed. Correcting statements that were not made is a scumbag lawyer tactic.

3.) He’s jewish

So what? He also said in that same interview he’s an atheist and specifically said he pretended to be a christian to escape jewish persecution. So everyone accusing him of being a nazi already know he’s jewish. It’s why he’s such a piece of shit, he sold out his own people once he was safe. Snopes accuses people of taking the interview out of context…but weirdly only post snippets of the video…burying the actual video in a link behind a readmore. While the people supposedly taking it out of context posted the whole thing. If you had posted the whole thing you would have heard him not only say yes he helped nazis confiscate jewish property but you would have heard him go on to justify it by saying if he didn’t do it somebody else would have. And then claimed to feel no remorse or guilt for having done it. Snopes splices in the clip of him admitting to having done it with a clip of him saying he didn’t physically do the confiscations himself to make it seem like he’s denying the whole thing. When in fact he’s just further justifying his role in helping the nazis by saying hey it’s not like I physically went in with a gun, other people did that part of it. 

4.) Post Alex Jones talking about it because if a person with no credibility says it’s true it must be false right? I mean you could just watch George say it himself on video but….no we have to see Alex Jones commenting on George saying it.

Here it is here, the last two times I posted it it was disappeared so hopefully this sticks around longer.

My favourite part is where the interviewer asks him so you helped the nazis confiscate jewish property and he says “yes that’s right yes.” I mean how is that not the end of the debate right there. How does snopes have the balls to say this is false.

My second favourite part is when a guy funding hysteria about collusion with Russia talks about being Russia’s largest financial donor, propping up the russian currency and funding the training of russian soldiers. 

My third favourite part is where he says he engages in amoral activities but it’s okay because he tries to be moral in other ways. Like funding black lives matter and antifa that sort of moral thing.

FACT CHECK: Was George Soros an SS Officer or Nazi Collaborator During World War II?

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