Where have I seen this before?


I get such Amber Heard/Johnny Depp vibes from them.  She and Amber could be sisters.  Maybe they went to the same School for Gold Digging Predators? I doubt if Meghan is going to claim Harry abused her, but she will portray herself as a victim and insinuate that it’s all Harry’s fault. And she will make sure the ending is spectacular and in the news for several months. 

 Amber is a NARC just like Meg, that why it sounds familiar, they all have the same playbook. Meg has accused her past lovers of abuse, this will be no different. Her people have already come to me and claimed it,  but she had cosmetic filler, and her face was bruised from that.  I expect nothing less from her, she wants to make sure she’ll be ready for the talk show circuit. Unless dear old mom has plans for PC. 

Thank you anon 

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