Okay, I’m going to put out my theory . It seems like it’s being danced around but when you, JD said the race card will be played and England will be like the US with everyone turning on each other, I have to say it. LS said look for who will be at the wedding, look for who won’t be there. Now…who befriended MM in 2015? Who became close to PH? Look at the Chicago connection: the Reverend at the wedding, Oprah, a former President! Bam! Could be your “who”.


That’s something to toss around, The blinds say she was partying hard there.  I wish I had a whiteboard, lol. We know she is connected to the Democratic party, Ken Sunshine, Fitzpatrick, Clinton foundation, Burkle, Weinstein, Epstein. With all the names listed, we have to throw in, and I’m really sorry, Prince Andrew. 

Now we add Obama and Oprah? The people that got seated in the choir the Clooney donated large.  Vocal Democrats.

If you guys think of anything added to the list. 

Thank you anon 🌹🌹

Finally! People are starting to notice how the same names appear over and over again. Reasons.

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