The Filming Locations of Eyes Wide Shut

Greenwich Village in NYC reeks of symbolism from the art to certain buildings. 666 Greenwich is the most populated highrise in the area, a 1-minute walk to the Spotted Pig, which was revealed last year to have had a Rape Room upstairs. A block from there is a Photography/ Design Shop who’s window currently displays White Horses galloping in a huge frame. This is 2 doors down from a Public School. The next st, Christopher St. is lined with lingerie shops, sex shops, gay bars, a theatre, and various restaurants. Equinox Printing House is a couple of blocks south of there. EQUINOX. A company whose marketing speaks for itself. That location neighbors Mainstream Radio and Production companies like Viacom, Hot 97, and GETTY IMAGES. Didn’t Weinstein also have an apartment there? There’s a church on Carmine and Bleecker with windows coming from the basement. Twice walking by on late nights I’ve heard kids crying or screaming from the lower levels.

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