R.I.P. for the spec script, long a source of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films


 So the nans are raving about Sunnymarch selling a spec script at Cannes. A spec script is not a movie. Even though they are saying Ben will star in the movie, you are talking about something that is 2 to 3 years out and that will go through many changes before it comes to screen, if it does. Even though this sounds lovely in theory, in practice its just saying we started work on a project and is no better than Sophie’s trumped up CV. Right now his company is announcing a lot, but hasn’t followed through on getting a project to market without help. His big screen debut was a disaster, even without the taint of Weinstein and premiered to bad reviews. Child in Time was not to a lot of people’s tastes and did not make a large impact on the industry, who liked Ben’s acting but not the direction or production quality. The multiple films in production or waiting to premier on Ben’s IMDB are works long overdue. Mowgli was held off due to The Jungle book. He filmed It a few years back. The same for The Grinch. His only new jobs are coming via his own company or his Marvel jobs. A Doctor Strange Sequel isn’t even being contemplated by the news outlets except when brought up by the two writer who want to write it. Neither mentioned Ben’s name in those articles. RDJ mentioned him in the IFW promos but that was for promotion. I have seen mention of a character being replaced or recast in main stream articles. The comments mentioned Loki, but Doctor Strange is plausible as well. Hollywood is a fickle place and no job is ever safe. It would be a good thing for nans and skepto-nannies alike to remember. 


Nonny makes some very valid points!

Indeed, I fully expect most of those projects to languish in Development Hell. That’s just the way that industry works and once a minor production house mismanages investor funds? Good luck getting more…

R.I.P. for the spec script, long a source of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films

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