Bitch about Pratt being offered more than Bryce Dallas Howard for Jurassic World all you want, can you say for one moment that you think people would rush to the theaters to see the movie if it said “starring Bryce Dallas Howard“ on the marquee instead of Chris Pratt? No shade to BDH, but Chris Pratt is objectively the bigger star right now. Just like Jennifer Lawrence was the bigger star back in 2016 when she got paid *8 million* more than Pratt for Passengers. Frankly I’m surprised the gap between Pratt and Howard is only 2 million.

I don’t even know who Mr. Howard is. Pratt? I know his face, his voice, his attitude. His star is shining.

*Ms. Howard lol. Ron Howard’s daughter. That’s where the “”controversy”“ is because “she’s a woman getting paid less than a man so let’s ignore all other factors contributing to that and call it sexism!!!”

To her credit I haven’t heard *her* complain about this, just a few angry fans and maybe a few article writers.

She actually doesn’t care cause she knows how contracts work.

This all began cause of Benedict saying “if you get paid more and your female costar, dont do the movie.” I’d love to see Scarlett’s salary compares to his (she making more than him).

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