To the individuals who are proud of being narcissists:


Just because my posts about abuse are in your tag, does not mean you can reblog my posts, trying to justify your abuse of others. If you really are a narcissist, it is no joke. It’s not self-love. You are extremely ill, you need great amounts of help because you use, manipulate and hurt everyone you touch unless you’re threatened by them or need something from them. You don’t simply use others, you see others as objects or extensions of yourself that you can control.

It seems as if some people on here with NPD are extremely proud of having such a condition. Why would you be proud to be a person who deeply, deeply internalizes feelings of self-hatred, self-condemnation? Someone who is a burden on the people who have ever cared about them?

You may argue that not everyone dislikes you, that you have friends, but…the people who know your kind know exactly why. You haven’t given them the full package. You haven’t gotten close enough, they haven’t gotten close enough to know how hard to deal with and unpleasant you are. If you seriously have NPD and you try to tell me that no one dislikes you, or that everyone else is the problem, I will know you’re a liar. I will never, ever believe you. Yes, there are assholes in this world who are out to make you angry and out to make you feel worse, but you are one of those assholes. What’s more, you are worse than the average asshole. You have no right to complain.

If you weren’t such a fake with everyone you meet right off the bat, you wouldn’t have anyone. Go to a psychotherapist. Go and get cognitive behavioral therapy. Stop blaming others for your misbehavior. Stop projecting, stop treating people like they are there for you and you alone. The world does not revolve around you, and it never will.

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