the reasons sugars love meg are the reasons others don’t. she’s a messy materialistic instagramer who users people to enhance her social capital. the fact she is obviously these things while bagging a prince and having the press kiss her butt makes them crazy about her. they relate to her mess and they aspire to be just as socially successful. they get pissy when people attack her because it makes them and their crappy values feel attacked.



I get a ton of sugar anons like that–”I didn’t invite my family to my wedding, so it’s okay,” “I had an abusive boyfriend like Cory/Trevor/Harry so it happens,” “Those nudes are so innocent, everyone sends stuff like that,” “you all think the first annulment is so scandalous, but everyone does that.” I just stare at them and smh, because I simply do not understand that Jeremy Kyle/Maury Povich existence. 

But there are a lot of people out there like that, no doubt.

Same applies to the Antis…

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