Richard Branson, UK model agency Storm Models founder, Sarah Doukas and Sarah’s sister, the recently deceased British actress Emma Chambers

  • Branson is a founding partner in the well known high fashion model agency Storm Models based in the ultra-expensive Chelsea area of London. It is best known for ‘discovering’ a pubescent 14-year-old KATE MOSS in 1988. SARAH DOUKAS is the other founding partner (cough ‘Madam’) who – via Kate + Kate lookalikes – was single-handedly responsible for launching the 90s UNDERAGE-LOOKING waif ‘heroin-chic’ (<—copyright Bill Clinton) aesthetic. Storm is a long-rumored front for trafficking, drugging, pimping and all the usual deplorable goings on. Kate Moss herself has a well-documented history with drink, drugs, violence + rehabs all stemming from being repeatedly raped by pretty much the entire industry when she was just 14. Kate spent a lot of time with RB when she was 14.
  • Of note: Sarah Doukas sold her share in Storm Models to 19 Management in 2009. 19 Management was founded by the Spice Girls Manager SIMON FULLER who had a long-running affair with pig-tails wearing BABY SPICE (Emma Bunton) when the group was starting out. Simon Fuller also founded ‘American Idol’ and is the boss of SIMON COWELL.
  • British actress EMMA CHAMBERS (Notting Hill film with Hugh Grant, Vicar of Dibley BBC show etc) was the SISTER(!!!)of Storm Model’s founder SARAH DOUKAS. Emma Chambers died ONLY A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO at the very young age of 53 and of natural causes (Highly Suspicious) and was rumored to have been suicided because of her links to Clement Freud, Maddie McCann and more…WHAT DID EMMA KNOW OR WAS ABOUT TO DO??

Further reading: Emma Chambers and sister SARAH DOUKAS (founder of Storm Models), whose business partner was R BRANSON)

Related because of ongoing research into Branson’s private Necker Island (and proximity to J Epstein’s Island); his appearances in J Epstein’s private black address book, and suspicious activities, connections, and deaths over the years.

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