RE: Richard Branson

1) He is listed in Epstein’s Little Black Book. Branson claims to be surprised that he was in the book… yet…

2) …Branson owns an island next door to Epstein’s Pedo island so should he be that surprised?

3) His company named by him is called Virgin – who is usually a Virgin? … Children.

4) Virgins logo uses the same blood red, teenage lipstick, “cry for help” style writing as the DVD cover of the movie Lolita.

5) He claims that he first decided to use the name after flying over the Virgin Islands and that he drew the logo out on a paper napkin on the plane. Napkins are a code as per the FBI and John Podesta Emails. A napkin is placed under a child while they are being abused to catch the body fluids.

6) He denies knowing NXIVM members yet has been photographed partying with them at his island and wrote one of their groups an endorsement.

7) He is close friends of the Bronfman sisters who are main operators and funders of NXIVM.

8) Wikieleaks emails show that he is friends with Hillary Clinton & John Podesta.

9) His Island rental website shows photos of kids rooms with raccoon’s sitting watching TV. Raccoon eyes (the appearance of dark circles under the kids eyes) is always a cause of concern for abuse. A raccoon is featured on the Secret Pizza Party flyer.

10) He has a knighthood from the Queen – many convicted abusers have honours from the Queen.

11) He knew Jimmy Saville and coordinated with him on Virgin Atlantic trips for disabled people.

12) He is a self publicist and highly Narcissistic. Narcissists are known to be abusive, especially of vulnerable people and children while often posing as their a saviour.

13) When he talks he does so in a very filtered carefully measured way. He never seems to speak directly from the heart.

14) He acts in a too good to be true way, while always publicising himself in a similar fashion to how Jimmy Saville operated.

15) Seems to be the darling of the Main Stream Media and always receives lots of free publicity and endorsements.

16) He parties with suspected Liberal pedophiles.

17) His island has a temple called the Elders Temple which is considered to be a NWO club house where Elite come to talk about the “Worlds problems”.

18) He was involved with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti and was at the opening of the disastrous Caracol Industrial Park.

19) When the Clinton Foundation came under pressure over stealing the relief fund money it was Bransons Virgin Unite that came to their aid and said no wrong doing had been done.

20) He helped create ICMEC International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children which Tony Podesta works for.

21) Branson paid $100,000 for the McCann parents legal defense fund when they came under police scrutiny. Why did he get involved in this case and not let the police do their job?

22) Likely has MI6 and CIA connections.

23) Branson is a founding partner in the well known high fashion STORM Modeling Agency out of Chelsea. Hot tea right there…

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