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Team Soso is upset and all because what we say is true…oh well can’t change that! Look, bunnies:

Tic Tok QAnon is coming for you.

DOJ Releases List of 24,500 Sealed Indictments

The broader investigation is focusing on NXIVM’s finances, including allegations of money laundering and tax fraud that have been revealed in unrelated court filings through the years. Investigators with the Internal Revenue Service have joined the probe, and federal agents, led by the FBI, last week searched the Halfmoon residence of Nancy Salzman, NXIVM’s president, and carted away dozens of boxes of undisclosed items. This could also be potentially connected to the Clinton Global Initiative, and Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Allison Mack, the “Smallville” actress and Raniere’s confidante, has also been charged with crimes tied to Raniere’s alleged physical and sexual abuse of dozens of women who have come forward with rather shocking claims.

The reason why the indictments still remain sealed is because not all individuals have been sealed through indictment yet, and the DOJ prefers to release public records after arrests are made, instead of releasing redacted lists prior to their detention and trial. As the list of sealed indictments around America continues to grow to staggering heights, we may see many elected officials and members of the “deep state” at the center of federal criminal proceedings in the coming days and weeks.

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