What are your thoughts? Can the Public handle #FullDiscloser in re to Pedogate and the Satanic dirty deeds that are being exposed by the #TruthSleuthers?


Honestly? I don’t think they can. It is just so evil and disgusting that most can’t accept, for their own mental health. It’s one thing to watch it unfold in a movie, but in real life? They would have to question everything they’ve ever thought about people they trusted to keep them safe and entertained. And I just want to clarify that just because I’m accepting it doesn’t mean I accept all conspiracy theories or that I’m some alt-right person. I don’t and I’m not. But I have been confronted with facts I cannot ignore regarding all this. Ironically, it all came about because of Benedict’s situation. This rabbit hole is really deep and very messed up.

I think that people who have seen war and death firsthand would have no problem wrapping their heads around the awful truth. I can because in third world countries news isn’t as sanitized, everything’s out there for all to see. IMO many first worlders are too sheltered, how can you fight against a very real problem if you refuse to believe it exists? As grotesque as it is human trafficking, child abuse, infanticide and cannibalism are nothing new. It’s to be expected from people who worship the embodiment of evil…


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