Hi! Can’t believe he’s looking this bad again. Who knows what he’s dealing with behind scene. And I was also trying to remember something Vincent said about sofa. Didn’t he say that she will get very sick? And also that all these things she did to help certain person will be in vain, this person will betray her? Meaning, all for nothing. Was this the way he said this joke of a showmance will end? Sorry for all the questions, my memory is a bit fuzzy.

Yes, he did and back in October of 2014! He warned that BC was being set up, that the scam involved a duplicitous woman, her lover and a baby. Later on he told me that if BC didn’t get away from SoFail “She’ll drag him down, down, down.” He said that he saw some very bad people, something having to do with drugs and criminal activity. When I asked why she didn’t just take the money and leave BC he said, “Because she wants to destroy him, there’s hate as well as greed.” I remember him saying that SH was a reflection of BC’s own flaws magnified, that it was a test that he had to overcome. Then he said that the baby claims were false, that there was an older man in addition to the first that was helping SH. It was this older man who would betray her in the end. He said that she would end up with a chronic illness, possibly of an infectious nature.

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