Regardless of who it is, I hate the idea that a woman choosing to stay at home and raise kids at is less “feminist”. Feminism also means accepting that women chose various roles and that doesn’t instantly mean they are less deserving of respect because of it. But yeah obviously that ask made no sense since it’s a fake relationship anyway, it’s just a bone I have to pick because it annoys me.

I don’t have a problem with a more traditional division of labor as long as both spouses do their fair share. IMO just because work isn’t remunerated doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. A good number of older women in my family have been homemakers, they worked OT raising anywhere from 4-11 kids. What irks me are the bourgeoisie brats whose whole lives revolve around endless trips to the medispa, inane coffee dates, boutique hotel vacays and shopping for overpriced rags. This is exactly the type of entitled, infantile mindset women like SoFail have. They treat their poorer ‘sisters’ as little more than drudges while claiming that they are die-hard feminists.

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