Rinse and Repeat

Dude, it’s obvious y’all just met up for half a block to say hello to your favorite NYC paps. Oh and triple product placement, to make sure it’s visible from all angles. Got it ;)! Your outfit makes my eyes hurt and you need a bucket of fried chicken. “I’m acting for the long haul…” bitch where? You fucked up so badly last year that the Rat redid your DS contract. You already said no play after Balfour’s hissy fit remember? SM keeps using you to advertise Canongate releases and possible book adaptations but the only people mentioned are Adam and Claire…reasons. Your ‘team’ (I’m looking at you UTA) has failed you and no amount of spinning can obscure that fact. Now put the PR shovel down Ben, you’re too frail and you’ll only hurt yourself…

Good points. BC should really stop it and stop starving himself, too. This does not look too good on him even if he wants himself to be slim and lean.  

BC’s doing what lazy SoFail does to stay a Zero, starving himself. He’s following the advice of scientifically illiterate loons instead of following a medically sound FOMAP diet coupled with a light exercise regimen. That’s the healthy way to stay trim not via this Orthorexic BS…

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