What animalizes and coarsens man are the selfish desires and passions of his lower self, especially when these are given free reign. But it is so much easier to blame this on eating meat rather than our own thinking and actions. Just take a pill, or in this case, give up meat and you will be magically transformed into a paragon of refined spirituality or even a full-blown saint! This is what the average mystic wants, has always wanted, and will always want, the better to avoid having to wrestle with the devil within in the shape of the lower self…In other words, spiritual progress is gained through the purity and goodness of our thoughts, words and deeds, not in externals. Like Jesus, the Buddha was not a vegetarian. This great Revealer of the Divine Truths taught his disciples that it is the quality of the heart—that is to say our thoughts and deeds—not our diet that determines our spiritual progress and emancipation.

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